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280ZX for sale at Redding Pick-N-Pull

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I just posted this in sightings, but then I thought I should put it where the Z-car people will see it.


Redding Pick-N-Pull just listed an 82 280ZX as a builder if anyone's interested--by the way, this isn't in classifieds because I'm not the one selling it.  




From the pictures it looks nice, and they say it starts up. They're asking $1800, but in my experience they're negotiable.


36865904636_d1713cd12f.jpgdynamic_image by emanistan, on Flickr


I hope this makes someone's day.  A Z-car is no B210, but still, I know some people enjoy them;-)

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$1800? Should be 800 if its in a wrecking yard.


Personally, I would have put this in Wrecking Yard Report but you may be correct that more z-car people will see it here.

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It's gone now, so either someone shelled out 1800, got them down to 800, or P&P gave up & put it out in the boneyard.

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I checked their yard inventory online and it shows no Datsuns within 100 miles. They probably sold the car.

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