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New and need help with carbs!


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Hey everyone new to the forums and to 720s(ive owned a lot of Toyota's). Just recently got a 1985 720 ST from a buddy with a the z24 motor. Carb has a broken choke pull off linkage but came with a spare z22 motor. Tried to swap the pull off and broke the spare so not knowing much about these carbs I ordered 1 online. After researching I found out I ordered a z22 non electric feedback carb. I've read that I can connect the blue choke wire and the red cut solenoid wire and black ground and it will work BUT I read on another post that the z22 carb jetting might not be enough for the z24 motor. Can anyone tell me if that's true,what size the z24 jets are, or if I can crack open the new carb and swap the z22 jets for the z24 jets? Thanks in advance sorry about the long post. I know 1 admin on here has some good info ive read before. HELP! Lol

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 After researching I found out I ordered a z22 non electric feedback carb. 


You don't say, but can I assume you have the electric feedback carb on the Z24? If so, the primary jet in the Z24 carb is a solenoid that constantly adjusts the mixture. This won't swap into the Z22 non electric feedback carb.

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