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Clutch Hose Line unfreeze hack


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Here's the hint from Hell, Louise: Those stubborn clutch line fittings to slave and master cylinder. Somebody recommended heat. I tried my mini propane tank nozzle firuing it up but it flamed out either when it fired up the saturation of liquid wrench or because, as the canister said " use upright". So I still needed to heat it. Here's the hack: I took a six way electric strip and plugged in two soldering irons and held them on the joint for what seemed a long enough time. Voila! 45 years of seized junction cracked open like Madonna on a Saturday night! 

I'm a genius!

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I'd hate to catch anything on fire. Oh wait, been there...


Actually, my method is to try the heat first, before I spray it with any lubricant, and I always use WD40 (which is flammable) if the heat doesn't work. I focus the heat on the "nut" portion because as it heats, it will grow, loosening its grip on the tube fitting. If that doesn't work, that's when I hit it with the WD40. As it cools, it pulls the WD40 into the threads.


I've used this method for years.

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