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Tire size for 14x7 supra wheels on a stock B210?

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Rub the fender or the suspension???


Stock rims are 4.5 x J13. You are almost doubling the width at 7". That's 1 1/4" per extra width, if zero offset, or any amount up to 2.5" out or in. Find out the stock rim and the Supra rim offset by placing a ruler across the inside rim edge and measuring down to the wheel mounting surface. (WMS) Now you can compare them mathematically. On a 4.5" rim, 2.25" would be a zero offset. This is the relation between the rim position (in or out from the car) and the WMS.


It may not be feasible to run the Supra rims. You might run 5" wide tires on a 7" rim but risk that 'stretched tire' look. Stretched tires are for those who make a rim fit that really doesn't.


Get those measurements and plug them into this calculator below. This will tell you the position of the new rims vs. the old ones.




here's another with rim and tire... https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=205-55-13X6.5ET45&wheel2=225-45-17X7.5ET40&fcl=50mm&wcl=30mm&scl=50mm&sr=0mm


Knowing exactly where the new rim will be you can select tires that clear fender or frame. Well, assuming the rim isn't monstrously too big to begin with.


Tire. Select tire for a similar diameter as the 13" so your performance and speedometer are not affected. For example a 165/70R13 is 22.75" diameter so you want something close that fits a 14" rim and about 7 inches wide. A 180/60R14 is 7.09" and 22.5" tall. This is just an example. You might have to go narrower to tuck the tire away from the body.

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