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3 speed control linkage spring retain

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Hi all


Wondering if anyone knows a suitable replacement part for the rubber spring retain boot for the 3 speed gearbox control linkage?? I found the part from car parts manual.com, see here https://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/bluebird-1964-1965/power-train/remote-control-linkage- item 27 (part 34463-10600) but trying to find one seems impossible.


Does anyone know of another suitable replacement that works? Is there anything from a later Datsun that works? Or other manufacturer?


Or does anyone happen to have one or know where to get one?


Thanks for your help!



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Rubber boot? or spring?? #27 looks like a spring


34463-10600 doesn't sow up as used on anything Datsun from 65 and up.

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Yeah the rubber boot that goes over the spring.

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#28 looks like the part but #30 34466-10600 fits the description and uses the word boot. Can't find it listed either.

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