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sedan/couope door interchange


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Ok I know they don't fit in stock form, but somebody told me if you change the window frame from door to door you can swap them . I have a chance to get an nos sedan door, and I own a coupe .....I already have an NOS fender and rear quarter, and just discovered my door is liquored with bondo , and im not leaving it like that . Has anybody ever tried this? can anybody measure a sedan door?

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The body of the door with sash removed is almost the same, the difference in the roof heights of the sedan vs coupe was made up in the door sash, window glass and those pesky vent windows.

The sedan door has a Z shaped metal channel spot welded to it, to hold the door panel in place. I think you could hang the coupe door panel over this and it wouldn't be noticeable.The inner window wiper rubber was secured to the sedan door, where as the coupe it is attached to the upper metal door panel piece.


It's impossible to find coupe door panels that the chrome isn't pealing off, or starting to flake. Perhaps installing the inner window rubber on to a sedan door and using the stock door panel channel, would give you the option to run sedan door panels in your coupe.


I would hang the body of the sedan door, onto your coupe, adjust the gaps and then fit the sash to the roof line of the car. So concludes this early morning brain cramp!


BTW, I too have NOS sedan door, that just became a coupe door, thanks'. 

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