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(just spit-balling) potential engine swaps -mazda


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okay just talking here no any solid plans or whatever.


Beginning of next year im going to move to the UK and i'll be taking my Datsun with me, and ive been thinking of swapping in a mazda mx-5(miata) 1.8 engine into it or more likely the engine and rear subframe and suspension bits. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2FtP47EPuc this video shows another datsun with the swap done and it looks very tidy 


now the MX5's are very cheap in the uk and there are plenty of parts available, for about 500 pounds i can pick up a complete and road legal mk1 or mk2 mx5 1.8 that i could use as donor car. 

at 147HP stock horsepower it would be a neat and reliable upgrade as well as cheap modding. 

also thinking of doing atleast the rear suspension/subframe from the mx5 for better handling, can handle the power, and more aftermarket options. 




Now what are your thoughts on it? keep in mind I dont intend to ever sell this car (I almost did once but just couldnt).




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