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Parting out '82 Datsun 720 Diesel

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Over the next week, I'll be picking through an '82 Datsun that is too rusted for me to work with. I'm going to keep all the diesel components necessary to swap the diesel and drivetrain in an '84 Nissan that I recently picked up. So just shoot me an email/PM or reply to this thread if there's anything that I can salvage out of the truck for you. If you need pics of anything, just ask. My email address is dlane20@nc.rr.com. The policy is that the first to pay gets the part.





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Hi David, I think a Diesel Datsun would be awesome. I don't have a 720 but like swapping some of their parts onto my 620. We need more 720 on here so let us know how the swap goes.



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I'll be taking photos throughout the process and will document everything as best as I can. Here's some photos of what I'll be working with, the red Datsun is what is being parted out, and the blue Nissan will receive the diesel.


All the junk is off the Datsun now, this photo is from the guys yard when I bought the truck.



Rust in frame on Datsun:



'84 Nissan:



Anyone need parts?



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Looks clean. Don't think Nissan had an SD22 option for the 4X4 so this will be interesting. The SD22 had only 60 HP, but as much torque as an L20B and it was at 1,800 RPMs. This would be great for a heavy 4X4 as it is torque that moves a vehicle specially at low speeds, doubly true in a 4X4 in low gear. It will also be interesting to see how it performs on the highway. Will there be enough left to cruise along?


My 620 body is actually on an '82 2wd frame and rear end. I mounted an '80 720 transfer case on it and an early '80s 'Yoda solid axle front end. The wiring harness is from an '8? 4X4 and the dash with 4X4 gages from an '84. I just plain like the 620 body style, and just built around it. Now I have to have several manuals and try to remember which is which.

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I may have to work on the highway speeds with the SD22, I've heard they're very reliable, but will make you learn patience. I've seen some people add on a turbo, so that may be a solution.


I'm picking up a tow bar instead of renting the dolly, so I may hold onto the Datsun 720 a little longer to sell things. Here are some recent pics, let me know if you need anything. Seats, center console, floor mat, thresholds, etc are all still available, I had just removed them when I bought the truck and I have them stored at the moment.













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The owner of the '84 Nissan found the key! So I'll be glad to sell the ignition and locks, just make an offer. So far the only thing that has sold is the steering wheel, and I have some interest in the steering gearbox, the dash, and the instrument cluster from a few folks. Here are some more pics, make an offer and buy this stuff up before I consider ebay, I still do have the center console, seats, seat belts, floor mat, etc all for sale.




David L.











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