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Gas tank help

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So a while ago I removed my gas tank, cleaned it out, and used the POR stuff to treat the inside. While removing the tank and hoses, the piece on the top of the tank came off. I tried putting it back on, but it hasn't quite seated like it did originally. Now when I make sharp/fast left turns, small amounts of gas leaks out from the hole. I tried using gas tank sealer around the hole, but there is still a strong smell of gasoline. How do I properly seat the joint? It looks like a gas return from the filler neck. I have also replaced the filler neck, and no gasoline is leaking from the filler/cap area.



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At least it's easy to get at to remove. Take it to a shop and have it brazed on properly. This can be done by emptying it and filling with water except for a bubble under the area to be welded. I soldered up a leak on my 620 tank by doing this. Propane torch and solder.

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