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Nissan 71c 4x4 trans... help?

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Im not sure where to put this... move if needed? :) 

Im buying my buddies 1993 std cab short bed Hardbody 4x4. The input shaft bearing went bad and and messed up the bell housing and messed up the input shaft/gear. I know how hard finding one of these transmissions is. Looking for someone who maybe knows a good deal about them? Trying to see if any KA input shaft from another KA car would work. or maybe a KA 2wd truck and swap bellhousings/input shafts. kind of stuck. too good of a deal on a nice truck to just give up on it.1689401_1524320524515282_82567803911819610888740_1514953642118637_4457404274597610888459_1514953888785279_87436472295169

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The main drive and the counter driven below it are matched and sold as sets.  (not that you would want to buy $200+ worth of gears)


If you find a main gear it will have to have the same number of teeth as what you have or you will need to change them both as a set. The problem with this is you will change all the gear ratios except 4th if you do. The ratio of the input to the counter is mostly what makes a wide ratio and a close ratio transmission. You have a 4x4 so very likely you have a wide ratio gear set in it. If you transplant a 2wd gear set in, it will be a mid or close ratio set. This will still work but your low range crawl speed will be faster and you will have less torque off road.


Front cases...

The car cases should work but... the car starter's bolts come from the transmission side whereas the truck's bolts go into threaded holes on the transmission case.

2wd cases are different part numbers but I can't think of a reason why they won't work.

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