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260z Alternator issue

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The battery I had when I got the car was fried. So I went and bought a new one and started the car, then when I tried to shut off the car nothing happened. I talked to a buddy and he said it's probably cause it's internally regulated. Now I have to keep jumping the car and I think and I think the issue is  frying the new battery too. And each time I shut the car off I have to pull the coil wire. I've looked into how to wire it but can't find any sure answer for a 260z. Any info helps! And if more info is needed on my end let me know! Thanks everyone!

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watch this about 45 secs in to this vid for the HOW TO.


ON 510s I heard of the external voltage regulator is bad causing the vehicle to not shutt off.

I assume the 260z is a external reg type alternator.

YOu can go to Rockauto.com and look up the part and see a photo of it. Key is the lettering on the T connector.


I would start the car , run then turn key off and pull the reg connector.

I would also do the drain test before and after to see if battery is draining.


soemtimes a bad diide can cause a drain to and putll the + output wire on alternator and see if the test light goes out.

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