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holly from a 1977 253 v8 on a dual cab 1981 L18??


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my question is will it fit or am i going to hit problems. the ute sounds beautiful and feels amazing to drive. just have the holly laying around and my work car would get first dibs if it was not injected. i don't know much about the holly side of things. most of the work i did on the v8 was more along the lines of boring out the chambers and adding bigger pistons. im just wondering if the larger  holly will give the car more power or if it will just cause endless problems.just looking for a simple answer i can just sell it for around 1600 if it wont work. heck i paid 1400 3 months ago for the holly and that was cheap. 

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Two things that sound counter intuitive but...


Never over carb or over cam your engine. It's better to have a smaller carb and wish you had a larger one, than a larger one and wish you had a smaller one. Carburetors are sized to the engine displacement so that there is enough air being sucked through it to form a vacuum at the venturi to draw fuel in to mix with it. This is not to say that a larger carb won't work exactly, just that too large a carb won't work. Most factory carbs are just about right and probably a bit small to be easier to drive and give reasonable fuel economy. A slightly larger carb will produce a modest increase in power as the engine has less work to do sucking through a larger bore. 


The holly you refer to is for an engine that is 4 liters and you have less than 2. It will be on the edge of too big I would think. Both barrels open together so you will have to drive it off the line and step into it. You won't be able to floor it without a flat spot happening from too much air available and not enough fuel. It should run well once revved up.

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yeah so it may be best to sell the holly. i only have a spare as the car it came from had a problem with the motor after being bored out and we figured it was holly and it had an after market air filter that was the problem in the end. it comes of a 4.2L v8 same as my spare extractors do but they are modded for a 4 speed landcruser with almost the same setup as the datsun. even the bolt holes match. just dont know if you can mount the datsun in a 2+2 setup with extractors through to mufflers to 6" exuasts under the bar. (the v8 had 4+4 4 exstractors to 2 pipes and 2 mufflers it was upgraded and i took them off and put them onto the land cruser as it was choking on exuast at the time. now shes to far gone to save) i do love love love the pipes both sides and when you fire the land cruser cold it makes some amazing sound for a 1.8L straight 4 cylinder diesel without a turbo even running it sounds like its bigger then it is. i drove home today pushing 110km/h did not have any issues. after the new starter motor (old one was rusted on and would not turn off till you turned the key off). any ideas where to get leaf springs? mine are fked it has 2 leafs in the back both sides. i think as another member said they should have 5? and my tires are all different sides from 235/75/14's on one to a 185/65/R14. leafs are sitting at 10cm (3.93inches) clearance.

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my other car is the same model as that just factory color 1977 ss torana v8 253. ( im on my learners so my mum being a nicer driver then my dad has it till i get my full unrestricted permit)


i have the old pipes of it converted over to 2+2 for a fj45 land cruser 4 cylinder. they have the same bolt holes to around a mm just wondering if they would be fine on the datsun after i get the leafs done as the damn muffler on it with the factory setup scrapes right now

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ive been on my learners for 4 years did over 100 hours in a 7.2L v8 and then got done and had to start over. had a crash not long after. put 3 months of pay into the front end of the ss then the workshop parked it with the brakes off and it rolled down a hill and did another 13k in damages to the front end. got free rust work done though that would have been about 2000$ otherwise. insurance covered all of it. 

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sadly no luck. the 2 groups im part of here in australia have about 700-800 720s between them and springs from the factory go for around 500$ plus. i watched a 1981 set off one similar to mine go for over 1150$ 

wreckers does have 2 720's both are missing the springs and motor and gear box and various other things 

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yeah i found out late today it has bags in the rear as well as leaf springs. i dont know if they would fit as it has body blocks and they look quite a bit shorter then mine. moved and washed mine and started washing the under body and found out some idiot half assed the brakes on the drums. after washing it and moving it across the yard it wont brake and the fluid level drops endlessly. may just be that when i moved it the thump i heard was the diff hitting the tray as the leak is right above the rear diff. brake fluid is everywhere under there. put it on the car trailer and presure blasted out the underbody just got to hope and pray it does not rust. ill get some brake cleaner first thing and put 2 or 3 cans worth over the entire area. just really hopeing my rust free underbody stays that way until i get it all rust proofed and clear coated 

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called back and got them checked 1000mm with 4 inch body blocks and the back has bags. something about swapping it over to disk brakes and coil suspension. anyway, ill have to watch her stare at me with sad eyes on the back of the trailer all night as im working from 6 till 6 tonight 

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