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Rear end width?


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Anyone know the width of the rear end for the wagons? Face to face of the axels. Starting the final parts push on the Blackbird. Going to borrow a Roadster trick and go RX-7 GSL SE with LSD and disk brakes.

Anyone? Anyone?

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Hey Mike,


I don't have the exact measurement (and, sorry, not going to pull my wheels and brakes to check right now  :no: ), but I did a rough measurement years ago thinking I would replace the stock (H165?- 4.11?) rear with a roadster (H190 - 3.70 or 3.90) rear. IIRC, the widths were within an inch of each other so I'm thinking the RX7 LSD should fit as long as you don't go all bazuko hella flush on it.

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