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Thanks for letting me join. I have lurked a long time. Great knowledge here. I have myself a mess. I have a 84 near mint 720. Had head gasket replaced and it ran great a couple weeks then it started hesitating in between first and second gears. Just jerky and when in town it just runs rough. Get it on the road its fine, lots of power etc. Runs great. Seems head gasket is good, and put new plugs and wires on and replaced both coils new fuel filters and pump same problem. Only thing that sticks out to me is one coil has a red wire on the negative terminal. Seems red should be on the positive. Also it is using double the fuel it used to. Any ideas? This is my daily driver, I hate to park it. But tired of the money pit it is becoming. Thanks!

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1/ Once warmed up take the top off the air filter housing and take a look. The choke plate should be fully open.







Must be fully open not part open. Check this.



2/ There is a round sight glass on the front of the carburetor. The fuel level should be half way up or at the dot on the glass.


3/ Check both coils for spark by placing an old spark plug in the ends of the wires and laying on a grounded surface and cranking the engine over. Yes one of the wires on the exhaust side coils has a Red wire on the negative side. It's ok.

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The issues with the jerky motion and fuel consumption all seem to point to ignition or carb issues.


1. Check all ignition wires are connected and have no resistance, (I've had new ones that are defective, ac delco at it's finest folks)


2. Verify your ignition coils are working, and check your points for wear while your at it, it's good practice when tunning up the ignition, if you verifiyied that all of this is working, then make sure your carb is adjusted correctly, you are probably running rich with little air, (check the choke and verify it's working )


Best of luck to you!

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