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Carbon fiber CNC badges ???

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Hello. I sold my datsuns,, and refrained from old cars for a while. Even sold my dsm. Now Ive got a little mitsubishi truck, and will be posting in the non datsun forum.


Anyway,, my business is making carbon fiber parts for remote controlled toy cars. 


I can make car badges too. Is there any interest in this? Ratsun badges, Datsun,, 1600 1300 1200 sunny  GTR  SER Type R...... All I need is a scan and some measurements,, and I should be able to convert these to cad,, then to carbon plate.


Please email if interested. Thanks! rccars4sal@yahoo.com

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What kind of prices are we talking about?

Do you have any examples of previous work?

Will these be milled out of sheet material?

How thick?


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Some of my work.  I can cut from 1.0mm up to 3.0mm glossy carbon fiber sheet. 


Price? Depends on size and thickness. I guess anywhere from 20-50 bucks. Small stuff def less,, Common items that are easier and sell well,, less cost.  Not trying to get rich,, just paying bills and supporting hobbies I digg.

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