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My other on-going project. Pro-street V8Z24

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Figured I'd post a thread on here since It's one of the few forums I go on now haha,

I'm going to be tearing the motor out soon, and doing a few odd things over the course of winter/spring/summer.

It's currently sporting a stock small block chev, and built 700r-4 transmission with a narrowed 8.5 10 bolt chev rearend with a eaton posi and 3.73 gears.

The reason the motor is stock is just so I can break everything in, and get the car dialed in before I throw in a lot more power and have something go wrong.

I already bought a top end off my buddy's camaro that was making 450hp to the wheels, so now I just need to built a bulletproof bottomend(probably going 383 route)

If I ever save up enough money(probably won't because of the datsun haha), I'll be buying a T56 6-speed for this thing as well.


I originally started with an 1987 Cavailer hatchback. FWD with a 2.8/auto and power everything.

Tore it down, figured it was too rotten and found a 1982 shell which is what I used(rust free and very hard to find anything rust free here in the maritimes)


Here's what I have today.(sitting with my dad's '55 at a car show)




and this is what I started with






and some progression pictures as It received it's s10 frame, which got cut up to get backhalved and became a pro-street little monster.(I got so many photo's but only going to post a few since this threads about what's going to happen to it.)







Beside my first project, 73 nova with a 454.










(before it was street legal, so it's got vanity plates on)



and the top end I bought from my buddy.




Other thing's that need to be done would be tearing out the driveshaft to get rebalanced(terrible on the highway), rear main seal in the rearend needs to be replaced, and a few other things that I forget because I put it in storage for the time being as I'm currently working on my 510 whenever I get the chance.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask !

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