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720 truck... what year beds will fit

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Depends on the look you want. If you want it to look exactly the same you only have 2 years to pick from. There were 3 styles of beds. The early one was '80-82, had an external lip rail and the taillights down under the tailgate. '83-84 had the same external lip rail but moved the stop/turn/taillights into the corners next to the gate. The '85-86 had smooth sides (no external rail) and used a different tailgate and different, red-only taillights. The '85-86 beds don't have the exposed seams and aren't nearly as suceptable to rust, but you'd need the lights and gate to make the swap. It will bolt on. The beds are also dependant on style- unlike the 620, the KC beds and shortbeds are different (different placement of the wheelwells) so you have to get a bed from the same style (SB, KC, LB). I've seen very few '80-84 beds that aren't badly rusted, since they all had that exposed seam that collected water inside.

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