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  1. Hey there folks. A buddy of mine is looking for the following parts. A14 Block A12 Crank OILpan, Valve Cover & Matching 4 Speed Trans. If some one locally has these and they are in good shape, Please give him a call. His name is Johnny & His number is, 707-297-1849. He's also a machinist so if you wanna do a trade for labor, he can do that too. Thanks all!
  2. 5&dime720

    Norcal Japanese Classic Car Meet 3/20/2010

    I'm Rolling in with Clayton. I'll bring Hot Dogs & Buns Half a cooler worth.
  3. Hello~ How's it going. I emailed you about this. Ready to pick it up on the weekend of your convenience. In Northcal. Thanks
  4. 5&dime720

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/1453603001.html Not my ad!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm cleaning out my parts collection. I have the below listed parts. As they are already cheap as it is, I will be sticking to the prices as listed. All parts were removed while in working order. I got paypal and am in the East Bay, North Cal. If you want to pick up in person, I am down with that too. PM Me if interested. Drive Shaft, for 83-86 Nissan 720 ST King Cab. $20.00. Buyer pays exact UPS ground shipping Cost. NAP Z Cylinder Head, $50.00. Head is complete, Comes with pictured Valve Cover, untouched stock cam, etc. Drive Shaft, for 83-86 Nissan 720 ST King Cab. $20.00. Buyer pays exact UPS ground shipping Cost. Stock Distributor, $25.00 Shipped, USPS Priority, for $9.85 Flat rate, US. NAP Z Valve Cover, $25.00 USPS Priority, for $9.85 Flat rate, US. 720 Front disk Brake Calipers $20.00 = $10.00 each USPS Priority, for $9.85 Flat rate, US. NAP Z Timing Cover, in great shape. No cracks or missing corners. Could use clean up. $20.00, USPS Priority, for $9.85 Flat rate, US. 240 SX Intake system. Buyer pays exact shipping price. $50.00 All parts shown included.
  6. Hey everybody I'm looking to get a complete set of seat belts for a 1972 Datsun Wagon. Please let me know if you have any. I am also looking to get a good set of rear station wagon seats. I have a 240 SX KA24E Manifold to trade for if you're interested. Thank you.
  7. Hello all I have the below intake manifold & throttle body up for sale. Buyer pays exact shipping. Would only like to get what I bought it for : $65.00 Look at pics of throttle body. Throttle body is polished and clean! Please PM me if you are interested. Pick up is okay. Thank you.
  8. 5&dime720

    Yakima Racks for 510 Wagon

    Here you guys go!
  9. 5&dime720

    City of Hayward, Ca. Car Show Street Party 08/21/08

    Hey everyone it on again! Come represent for Datsuns ! July 16th, August 20th, September 17th. Last show had two Datsuns, A 1600 Roadster & a 72 Datsun 510 Coupe stocker. I hope to see you....
  10. I have these racks for a 510 Wagon. I will post pics soon. Will anyone be interested in them? I am currently building a Datsun 510 for a friend who passed away today. He asked me to build this car for him about a month and a half ago in while in his sickly state. Several of my friends & I agreed, and I aggressively started. I have sold parts to fund the completion of this car. Even though he is gone, my friends & I are still going to honor his wish of getting the car running good, safe and looking nice. Building it in his memory. Instead of money for the racks, some things I need are: A set of Back Seats for a 72 Wagon, Front Stock seats and a complete set of seat belts. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
  11. 5&dime720

    Buyer/Seller Feedback....

    Thank you Boris!
  12. I know a dude over here in Castro Valley who wants 6 bills for a set with tires. I will see if he can take pics.
  13. 5&dime720

    WTB: dual SU stuffs for L20B

    Sold! Thank you !
  14. 5&dime720

    SUs, L20 B Head and Complete L20B Engine

    Sorry Casey. All parts are sold!
  15. 5&dime720

    Ratsun Rat-N-Wrenches Decal

    I'm interested in two - too!

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