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Mustache Bar Mounting

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I have noticed that the mounting holes where the mustache bar mounts to the differential are not in the center of the bar.  They are offset from the centerline.  That means the bar could be mounted two ways.  I see two possible impacts: 1) The angle between the axis of the differential and the axis of the driveshaft will change slightly, and 2) The angle of the half-shafts relative to the ground will change slightly.  Are either of these enough to worry about?  

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Early cars may have had a mustache bar where the height varied across the length, but that is not true for later 510s.

The bar in my car has a uniform height of approximately 1.6 inches over its entire length.  The differential mounting holes

are centered at approximately 1.0 inch from one edge and 0.6 inches from the opposite edge.

But it really does not mater which bar is used because either bar can be mounted in either direction.

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