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Rocker Arm Clearance

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Hello all,


     So it seems that if there's an issue to be had with a L series, I'm prone to finding it out first hand. I've installed a stock, OEM from the box camshaft ( "A" stamp, E30 cast, never used) and found that two of my rocker arms wouldn't clear the valve spring retainers or allow enough clearance to set the lash. At first I thought it might be a lobe/cam issue, but all other rocker arms work fine. I moved these 2 arms between different lobes to check, and found that the bottom of the arm was contacting the retainers. I had to remove some material from the bottom portion of the arm (opposite of the contact pad) in order for these arms to fit and allow for adjustment. I'm using Schneider replacement springs/retainers, and the rocker arms have the following stamped marks (S63..) and (S64). Most of the other arms have S71 marks or 4.4. I figure these marks are just lot numbers/series numbers or something of the like.


I'm certain that these arms are the originals, and given that this cam is the same grind as the OEM it had originally, I'm guessing the valve springs/retainers are to blame? I don't think it had clearance issues before, and the Delta cam I was running had so much base-circle material removed that it didn't have an issue either.Has anyone else had issues like this before, and is it safe to run the rocker arms with a small amount of material removed from them? Otherwise I may order a set of the ITM engine rocker arms, it's around $120 for a full set of arms.

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I measured the cam, and it is indeed stock. It came out of the original box, the owner had it in a collection of parts dating back to the early 60's. I'm using stock lash pads, and the Schneider "doubles" springs and chromoly retainers. I'm certain it's not the springs/retainers, because I don't have an issue with any of the other rocker arms, just these two which I had to remove material from. I can't remember the install height offhand, I'll find out and get back to you.

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