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Low MPG and running rich.


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Decided to calculate and see my mpg. im getting about 17-19 and i have a 4 banger, L20B, 5 speed. I don't think thats normal. Is this low mpg?? Also i can smell gas a lot when driving. i understand its a old truck and its a carb but i feel like the smell is too strong. Do i need just some carb cleaner?

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17-19 is possible if short trips in town with the choke on most of the time. You could expect high twenties on a trip. Twenty-two average mix of driving.  Everyone drives differently.



Check that the choke is fully off within 10 min of driving.

Look at the gas level in the round glass on front of carb. Is it in center, or over flowing?

Check the tank and fuel lines for wetness from a leak.

Check or replace the air filter.


Check/clean the plugs

Check timing, should be 12 degrees BTDC

Check valve lash.

Check tire pressure is above the minimum rated on the sidewall. 32PSI??

Lift each wheel and spin tire. Are any brakes dragging?

Empty out all the junk in the trunk. Every pound has to be pulled around with your gas.

Check front end alignment.

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