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Temp sender 75 280z


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Temp sending unit wire is connected at the sensor, but disconnected from the harness.  Seems to be a yellow wire.  I'm having trouble determining which wire in the harness it should be connected to.  Can anyone tell me what/where it should connect on the harness?


It gets worse though.  Several connectors are disconnected under the dash above the driver's foot well.  So, I'm having trouble tracing from the temperature gauge back to the engine compartment too.


Only the temperature gauge and the tachometer are not working.


Really could use a temperature gauge in this hot summer weather, so please help if you can.





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The temp sender is Yellow/White stripe all the way to the gauge. It shares with the red oil pressure lamp. When you turn the ignition on the red oil light lights, correct??? If it doesn't light just find the connector behind the gauge and plug it in.

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Thanks MIke.   Your info sounds perfect for my 510, but...


This is on my 75 280z.  I don't think there is a oil pressure light.  The oil pressure guage works poperly though.


I'm still searching, but can't get a look at the back of the gauges (physical limitation).   I'll have to find someone younger than me :hmm: to crawl in there. 

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