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81 210 ran out of gas now won't start???


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Got her running fine thanks to the help from the people on here.  I let my pops use the car and he ran out of gas, called me and told me that he now can't get it to start after putting plenty of gas in it.  just want any suggestions on what the problem could be.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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Two things


Fuel pump may have trouble getting primed. Easy to push gas, not so easy to suck from the tank. Pour a few teaspoonfuls of gas down carb. It should fire up and rev faster than the starter will crank. It may quit once or twice but eventually the pump will prime and away you go.


In his eagerness to restart he may have flooded the engine. Pull plugs and clean and dry them if wet. With pugs out, hold choke full open and crank engine to dry out the cylinders. Put everything back. Keep track of the #1 plug wire and then be sure it's 1, 3, 4, 2 counter clockwise on the dizzy cap.

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I've had a few old bombs in the last few years and a couple of them the gas level sending unit didn't work and I too ran out of gas only to find the same result. And a couple of times it was because the pump had sucked up a bit of shit that was at the bottom of my tank and clogged the fuel lines. I blew the lines out with an air compressor disconnecting them from both ends first. For a quick check just unplug the fuel intake line to see if gas is making it through. If it isn't work you way back down the lines.
One time I took 3 days off work because this happened to me lol. I was only 19 and didn't know much and it also was raining those 3 days ahaha makes me laugh now.

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