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Please Opine on my B210 Hitachi Carbs


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Look at my B210 Hitachi Carburetors.


I never noticed this UNTIL today, but if you look at the MIDDLE CARBURETOR, you will notice there is NO SPRING   :w00t: or assembly.  I wonder if the spring and side assembly vibrated OFF, rendering the middle carb dead.  The middle carb, my best carb, stopped being able to idle the engine in April 2013 and I'm wondering if the carb is still good.  If I can fix it?





HOW IN THE HECK does the spring and assembly disappear?    :w00t:    







Carburetor Jet side up.



HEY DATZEN MIKE, I checked out the jets like you recommended.  I found the NCI GAS GUZZLER carburetor, far right,  had a 104 primary and a 145 secondary.  The  good NCI rebuilt carb in the middle had a 102 primary and 145 secondary.  The Recarbco rebuilt, on the far left, had a 102 primary and the secondary jet had the number obliterated by surface scratches.


Hoping on getting the newly rebuilt carburetor tomorrow, even so I may not get to install the carb until Monday.

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