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WHAT is this Gasket Called?

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I removed this gasket from my 1.4L 76 A 14 engine.  The Gasket homes itself in the intake Manifold next to the EGR Valve and PCV valve.







The Gasket hasn't yet been removed.  There is orange sealant on the subassembly.






There's the piece in my hand.  I've been calling  the piece the subassembly EGR/PCV valve.



The Gasket has a metal center sandwiched by gasket material on both sides.





I want to order the Gasket as a separate item without having to order the entire engine gasket kit.

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That red RTV sealant means a chevy owner had it off and put it back on with his favorite frosting. Nissans have a much better precision fit of parts than a GM, and sealer is not needed.


That part is the ERG control valve gasket. It goes on dry.

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Hey Mike,  Too Funny, my friend Mike did a valve job on my B210 in the late 90's and he worked almost exclusively on chevy's.






There is where the gasket goes.  I got my engine gaskets today.  The packaging called the gasket EGR pipe gasket.  I also got an EGR valve gasket.  I couldn't find the EGR pipe gasket sold separately.




Another OIC with the obligatory FLIP FLOP shot.  :rofl:



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