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Need 200sx Driveshaft for 5 speed dogleg


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I think all you need is this:




The 521 has a flange output F4W63 tranny so the drive shaft will have the flange like the top one in the picture. (just ignore everything to the left of the two flanges that are bolted together)


All you should need to do, is take the top and bottom drive shafts apart at the U joint and take the spline from the bottom one, and swap onto the top one.

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Tranny splines are the same it would be the length that matters.


Can you measure the length from the center of the U joint?


Here's a couple more, some have a longer spline. I keep them to plug spare trannys so the oil doesn't leak out.



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Right now I have it parked elsewheres so I can't measure the 2 piece on the truck. here's a pic of the 1 piece. I tried putting it into the 5 speed but it doesn't quite go into it just right.173809138_o.jpg



So you're saying if my 4 speed has the short input shaft, I should be able to swap it on the 1 piece, or just use the 2 piece shaft and it should fit the dogleg?

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Ahh. No, not saying anything, actually the pictures are of 620 drive shafts and the primary drive shaft off a 720 4X4, but it does work as a good illistration. The long spline may just be going in and bottoming out. A shorter one swapped on might work fine. In a pinch you could trim some of the long spline off as you can see down into it about an inch to where the splines start. This would allow it to slide in further. Try a shorter one first. Test fit by hand then change it at the U joint.

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