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SD22 problem please help!

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After reading numerous forums online trying to figure out my issues I have noticed that there is a wealth of knowledge from the members on this forum.  So any help would be greatly appreciated!


First of all I am not a mechanic.

This is what i got.  A SD22 transplant into a mustang 345 skid steer.  I hate the skid loader but it has always been reliable so hate to part with it.  

It is running rich i believe just out of the blue it began to blow white/grey smoke.  Not losing coolant or oil.  If i pull the manual fuel shut off back (by hand) a little bit it quits smoking and come back to an idle.  Is there a way to turn the injector pump down or adjust it?  Or can it be something else?


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Welcome :)


It depends on a lot of things, has it been over heated?

What injection pump you have?

When running rich, it will blow black smoke, not white, grey, or blueish, white is either coolant or un-burnt fuel, if un-burnt fuel it will have a distinct odor like when the engine is first started in the morning when it's cold outside, it puffs white smoke briefly till hitting on all four cylinders.


I need to know what injection pump it has, which photo below does your injection pump look like?

Number 1


Number 2


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I believe that you likely have the #1 injection pump, the fact that you can get the engine under control by pulling on the choke lever(manual fuel shut off) tells me that the vacuum line going from the base of what looks like a carburetor to the nipple that is closest to the #4 injection line has a crack or hole in it, or the leather diaphragm in the injection pump has gotten a hole in it.


Did the engine rpms start to act funny, like idle is way higher than it used to be?

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