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Help finding 720 transmission bearing

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I have a 1980 Datsun 720 4WD, and I am doing "preventive mantainence" on the 5 speed transmission.

The trans doesn't have the speedometer cable drive so I think it may be the original trans. FS5W71B/C ?

I am trying to find the correct "bearing-pilot-main" the needle bearing located in the end of the "main drive gear" shaft. (input shaft)

My FSM shows only the first section of the part number as

Searching the web I have found this info from:

32272     3227236900     3227236910     BEARING-PILOT,MAIN
1983-04 - ...  (Z22+SD25).MT.F5     
32272     32272H7300     32272G3201     BEARING-PILOT,MAIN
1979-09 - ...  (J15.LBY+J16+J16.ME).MT.F4
32272     3227236900     3227236910     BEARING-PILOT,MAIN
1986-09 - 1988-09  MT.F5     
32272     3227236910         BEARING-PILOT,MAIN
1990-05 - ...  MT.F5     
32272     32272G3200     32272G3201     BEARING-PILOT,MAIN
1986-09 - 1990-05  MT.R4
Which part number should I order? The dates skip over the year 1980........
Thanks for any help guys.


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The input shaft felt a bit "loose" so decided to replace the input shaft bearing, the pilot bearing and the front counter shaft bearing.


I live in the high sierra and this old 4wd 720 with 31's on it spends a lot of time in 3rd gear going up the hills.  You know what I mean.  :thumbup:


Thanks Mike!

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The counter bearing (front bottom) is more likely to get noisy. Only fourth gear does not use it and even Nissan upgraded the size around '85 from 56mm to 62mm.

One more question please, my counter bearing (front bottom) bearing preload shim

is really worn out, it is all beat up and is 0.005" thick (0.127mm)


Can you suggest a "normal" size shim to replace it?


I have ordered a dial indicator with a magnetic base which should come soon.


(I have the 56mm OD bearing)

                                               Thanks Mike!

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The shim is select fit. You have to measure the top front of the bearing back to the case, when installed, and select a proper size shim. For example 0.1346" to 0.1382" bearing measurement needs a 0.004" shim. The shim shouldn't wear out and is reusable. If you get this measurement I can get you the proper shim part number.

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