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electric fan mod?


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I've read the other threads on here about this mod.

I'm thinking of replacing my clutch fan with the elec fan in the pic.



1) will this fan cool my L18? It's blades are about 5', it's from a 2.0 litre Opel. I have no idea what the CFM rating is.

2) Does an engine not benefit from having a clutch fan blowing a constant stream of cool air over it? I'm thinking it's good to keep engine bay temp low? Where I live (South Africa) it gets to 110F in summer... you can fry an egg on the hood:blink:

3) The fan pulls nearly 25amps - I tested it. My alternator is only rated at 55amps. I also have two sets of spotlights on the truck, pulling 25 amps total. Must I upgrade the alternator?


any advice would be appreciated

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should cool it fine does it fit over the radiator?

it actually benefits more with the elec fan the motor isnt having to turn the fan clutch anymore so its saving a tiny bit of power

might want to consider upgrading the alternator anyway weather you use this fan or not its a small thing power wise

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