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My 510 Project

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Ok so here we go! this is my 1969 Datsun 510




I have always wanted one since my brother came home with his 1972 510 with an L18 4 spd.


My 510 is completely stock, L16 4spd 4 door.... cracked dash and custom rust (lol) .

Now that I finally have a garage to work my project has begun. I drove it in pulled L16 and trans and there it sits awating some modifications to the motor mounts and crossmember and custom trans mount. (going to need some help with this part Seattle guys)

I have a 1994 ka2400e with 5sp trans complete ready to go. other than oil pan.

oh yeah primed car.





started grinding and priming engine bay














thats it for now thanks for checking out my post.

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I found 240sx engine brackets, drivers side worked great with stock 510 mount, passenger side didnt work as well so I used some 3/16 steel plate and welded.






trans mount, dont laugh I am very new to welding I may rebuild when I get a little better.




So with the engine and trans mounted I turned it over for the first time. Slap slap went the timing chain! So,




I replaced the timing chain and tensioners and put it all back togeather.

Note Be very carefull when installing The gear between the oil pump and distributer your rotor must point to # 1. If it doesnt you can pull the oil pump and rotate until it is. Make sure to be at tdc when adjusting. Yes I figured this out the hard way.






I just got a Walbro inline fuel pump!!!


Ka24e STARTS!!!! I am so excited I need a Radiator and a driveline so bad!:lol::D


I still have lots of stuff to work on but its getting closer N closer.Anyone have picture of how they did there throttle cable.



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