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NEW to the datsun/nissan world need some help

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It's hard to really tell you what YOU need on YOUR truck... Saying that, though I can give you the best advice that would practically spoon feed you!


What you could do is take good pics in good light of what needs to be fixed. Take your VIN number to the closest Nissan dealership and have them look up the exact components you need. I'm recommending taking your info to a Nissan dealership because they can input the VIN to their computer system and pull up a very detailed exploded view of your truck's front suspension. That exploded view will also contain part numbers.


For example........



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All good, hope everything works out! Good luck!


Don't forget .... some bushings are a real bitch to replace and you have to burn them out with a torch. Also, when you replace and tie-rods you'll need an alignment!

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