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79 210 drive line??

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That is something you will have to do. There are different transmission lengths and different ways to mount the motor and all will affect drive shaft position. What worked for someone else probably won't work for you. I would install the transmission and carefully measure from the end of the transmission to the flange on the differential and make a drawing or even better take lots of digital pictures. Take this to a drive line shop and detail what you want. They can work out what will fit properly.

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I would guess $150 ish. Might as well get new U joints for it too. These are the non serviceable type so have it converted to replaceable or get another driveshaft that has them.


This is a precision made piece of drive line. It needs to be straight and it needs to be well balanced. At 70 MPH the driveshaft is spinning at foour thousand times a minute.

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That 240sx shifter is going to pretty far back, you might look into another trans swap.


I bought one from a 2wd nissan truck FS5W71B  I believe ( ya that sounds right)   :)    31 +/-   inches over all.

 for my KA swap


DatsunMike will correct me if I am wrong


P.S. the 4x4 version of this trans will not have a speedometer boss.....

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