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Wheel Studs


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Does anybody have a part number or the exact size to ask for? This is for a 71 521...




Nissan Part Number is 40221-04101 and if you arent in much of a hurry you can order them from




Ive had to wait a 14 buisness days..


You could just do like I did and get some 7/16 thread lugs and grind a flat spot on the head... Stock ones are about an inch and 1/2 long. I also had to knock the shoulder on the new ones down a bit to get them to seat.


stock lug on the right

the one on the left is the type I used when I put new wheels and 1/2 inch spacers on mine





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Notice the two different types, which the late 1972 and early 1973 620s also used. Later 1973 trucks used the "splined" type on the left. All of My trucks with the splined type are 12MM X 1.25 pitch. I an not sure or the MM or pitch on the early type as shown as I trade them all out. Replacement lugs are free, that's right, FREE at Your wrecking yard ! ! ! I pickup every lugnut I can find and every once in a while pound out a lug or two to have on hand. I've never been charged yet. Another item to pickup is a brakelight swicth or two. This is on the brake pedal, which by the way might have nice rubber foot pads. It is easily unscrewed. Another item getting harder and harder to find is a stock throttle linkage cable. I pull every one of those that I can find. How about the stock taillight lens screws? Are You missing any? Even if a truck at a junkyard has broken lenses, the screws might still be there. There is lots of stuff that is getting harder and harder to find that most trucks have on them. Make a list or mental note for Your next trip. By the way, I ran out of the other day (because I DID NOT get any) the rear spring clips that hold the side marker lights on the rear of the bed. I thought that I had some of them but didn't. A special trip to the wrecking yard had to be done for those ! ! Next time those will come home with Me ! !

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