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Hey guys,just wondering what was the main difference between a Datsun 1200 Ute and a Datsun B120 Ute

(Ute is a term we use instead of truck here in the land down under  :rofl: )

Im looking at buying to what is advertised to be a Datsun 1200, but just curious what I can look for to distinguish that it is a legitimate 1200.

Also whats more valuable? 

Thanks for the help guys  :thumbup:

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Datsun model 320 was badged "Datsun 1200"

Datsun Pickup in Japan (light truck)




Datsun model B120 was named Datsun 1200 in Japan

Datsun subcompact, unibody, coupe utility




In stock restored condition, the 320 is more valuable. In worn condition the B120 is more valuable. See carpoint for current asking prices

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G'day mate and welcome.

Always good to have another Aussie on board.


What year is the 1200 you are looking at?


The 320 may be more valuable in the States but the 1200 ute is going crazy in price down here.

Aussies tend to shy away from the 320 because of rarity and hard to get parts.

Average going price for the 1200 is $5000.


Even a rusted project car can be going at three and a half grand.


We need more details and pics!



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