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Lubrication tips/tricks


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I'm building a high revving l20 as many of you know and I was wondering if anyone had some lubrication tips for the lower end. I have both editions of the how to modify your datsun book but I was wondering if anyone had some pictured techniques and/or things not mentioned in the book. My goal is to be able to hit 8k rpm. Parts wise they should all make it there without a problem.

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Stock rod bolts are a weak point so get better.


Get a KA24E or DE high volume oil pump from a D-21 truck. Shim the by-pass spring to 80 PSI or 10 PSI / thousand RPMs wanted.


Oil cooler will not hurt to have.


Larger capacity oil pan won't hurt to have either.


At 8K the centrifugal force generated in the crank can starve some bearing of oil.

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