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Transmission compatibility


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Hey Ratsun folks,


I have a 1985 720 with an SD22. The 5-speed manual transmission blew on me while I was driving int he middle of nowhere in -40 this winter, not a fun night. Luckly I actually have an SD25 with a 4-speed transmission attached that I bought just before the tranny blew.


Is the 4-speed tranny on the SD25 compatible with my SD22? If I have time I'll switch to the 2.5L as well but i may not.



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Yes as long as it is the same general length. The Diesel 720 motors didn't come with a 4 speed and there were no 4 speed option after November '82 when the SD25 was available. So someone has swapped a diesel front case onto a 4 speed. That's fine it will still work.

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