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Speedometer cable


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Just purchased a 1982 diesel 720 long bed a couple of weeks ago. First thing I noticed when I opened the door is that it smells like transmission fluid in the cabin. I was driving it on the highway a few days after I bought it, and the speedometer just quit on me. Then I noticed that the odometer was just barely crawling forward. I've finally had time to get behind the instrument panel today (my first time there), and I can see why the cab smells like tranny fluid and the speedometer and odometer aren't working and all the problems have the same source. There's tranny fluid leaking out of my speedometer cable. Probably has been for a while. Could it have just been a loose connection? Or do I need to replace the cable? If so, how?


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It's an easy fix.


This is the disconnected transmission end.. You may be able to twist it loose or lightly use vice grips then unscrew by hand.


When you pull the inner flexible cable out it looks like this. The end has a ferrule crimped on it which engages the pinion drive inside the transmission, but just to the left of it is a small rubber seal that looks somewhat like a top hat or derby.






This rubber seal keeps transmission fluid from being augured up the inner cable by the twisting motion.





Check that the seal is on properly. If damaged or missing then someone had it off and lost it. In a pinch you could cut a round piece from some oil resistant neoprene sheet, punch a small hole in the center and thread it on from the other end. Have a care removing the inner cable it's very floppy and flexible and you don't want to get it dirty. You do not have to disconnect the other end to do this, it can all be done from under the truck. The gauge end will find it's way in as soon as the cable begins to turn.



The alternative is to simply replace the complete cable.








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