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Z24 Idle Issue


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Hi all, first post here, was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction with a problem I'm having with my 1984 Z24.

I've driven it for a while with all sorts of inherited problems and just recently pulled it into the shop to try and fix some of them.  One of the biggest was that there were all sorts of broken, disconnected, split and missing vacuum lines, so I replaced every one of them on the truck.

Now it runs much better than before, and it idles fine until it warms up.  Then it idles smooth as long as I have the clutch pedel depressed, but opon release, it dies immediately.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a fuel cut system on the 720. On any deceleration the throttle is released to the idle position. Here the fuel normally used to run the motor is sucked right through the motor and wasted. It would be an advantage to shut this idle fuel mixture off and save it. As all idle fuel has to pass through the idle cut solenoid it can be regulated by a manifold vacuum switch. A transmission neutral and clutch switch prevents cut off while out of gear or shifting gears.


Somehow I think the clutch switch is activating the fuel shut off system.



The easiest fix is to join or jumper the two wires on the clutch pedal switch. Not the perfect answer but it will work.

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