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New Ratsun Member from The Bay Area anybody else from the Bay Area


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I have always been a supra guy , i love supras, owned 3 of them but the z has always had a special place in my heart and i finally stumbled on one and i bought it.. carburation is not my strong point and i tell ya its like learning how to walk again,,im learning slowly but surely and i have tinkered with the car quiet a bit. im very mechanically inclined so i know a few things, but there is one thing that is eating me inside that i cant figure out on my z , i will post this elsewhere , anyways its great that these forums exist its somewhere that you can share knowledge and insight offered nowhere else. if anybody has supra  questions let me know.., . i bought a red 73 z with round top su's and 5 speed tran .. i got big plans for her    im here in the bay area..are there any z guys out here or datsun guys dont seem to see much in the bay area... and if anybody can tell me how to post a picture that would be awsome.

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I'm from the bay!! Pm me of your looking to cruise or if you wanna wrench.I gotta fat to do list of work to get done on my car, I got 6 days off in about 4 weeks and I'm planning on going to different homies houses and wrenching the whole time. U got any projects u wanna get done on your car?

we can work on our cars together n drink beer!

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This guy hopped on......started a thread......and bounced the fuck out...........




I'm still here.......where the fuck is he???




I hold meets every couple months......just had one last weekend......even did a short fun run after.......



Next one will be after Canby........




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ANYONE??? in the bay want to help install a megasquirt system into my 280zx??


I'll pay you good and do most of the work I just need someone who knows what there doing to work with me and supervise. I'll bring beer too?!

650 867 5567 james

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