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H4 headlight conversion harness highbeam indicator question?


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Hey Guys,

I'm in the process of rewiring my headlights on my 72 Datsun 510 to use H4's and relays and I'm confused as to how to wire or connect the high beam indicator light in the dash. I'll be converting it over to switched power instead of switched ground.  Is the highbeam indicator switched ground as well?   Any ideas?  I already have one of Paolo's diagrams but it's still not clear to me how it should be done.


Thanks guys for your time,



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I'll be converting it over to switched power instead of switched ground.




dont fuck with the wiring.

Dude buy a harness for about 30-60 bucks and it plug and play. done in about 15mins.It dont change anystock wiring. just plugs to the pass side outer lamp connector. it usues to trigger the new haness. Its MORON PROFF!!!!!!


a version of this



nothing ruins a 510 value more than a hack wire job.

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I guess I should have clarified.  I wasn't planning on hacking the harness, but having a headlight harness built with relays.  I just didn't understand why they wired it up from the factory as switched ground, when all new cars are switched power.  Thanks for the link, it explains everything.

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