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GRRR I am so stressed out right now its not even funny:mad: , any of you got a place for me to live(up north around everett boeing). I just broke up with the woman and now where the hell am I going to live, where to put all the rigs and tools.


heres the deal rent me a room for about $300 and you can use my tools/equipment as you please.


220 miller welder

jd2 tube bender

engine hoist

big stand up air compressor

tons of power/hand tools



need place to store the car trailier/with wheeler on it, 1 chevy shortbox, 2 cars, 2 motorcycles and 2 quads, but if had to will only park 1 car and 1 bike.



I know this is a shot in the dark but can any help anyone

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I might know of a place that you could stay... with the storage that you need... Might sound weird but i would need to meet you and actually vouch for you but a buddy of mine owns a shop in georgetown right near boeing above the shop are about 15 rooms kinda like an apartment place.. down side is that its community bathrooms. should have room to store stuff and the cost sounds about right for you at around 3 or 4 hundred let me know if you want to check into it

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