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720 almost perfect!


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So I replaced the head gasket on my 720 recently. A few other things popped up (fuel pump, timing, etc) and now it's running!


I'm going to adjust the valves soon.. but I've got 2 minor problems I would like to fix myself but I'm having trouble figuring out how.


1. The clutch pedal needs to be depressed about a quarter of an inch to completely disengage. Is this a clust adjustment or a pedal adjustment??


2. Directionals / washer fluid / hazards  are not working. I believe the problem is in the steering column somewhere, but I am unsure how to check! The directionals did work for a short time (hazards and fluid have not worked yet)




Thanks for your help!



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Have you replaced the clutch recently?


If you push gently with your thumb on the clutch pedal, you should have about1/8" of play before there is resistance. 



A very common problem with the 720 is the 4 way emergency flasher switch, (I spent over an hour figuring this out and others have also reported the same thing. The emergency switch in the OFF position has a connection that allows the turn signals to pass through it. In other words there is a switch that connects and disconnects the turn signals inside the 4 way flasher switch. When the emergency flashers are turned ON the signals are disconnected and the 4 ways connected. When turning the 4 ways OFF they are disconnected and the signals re-connected. The problem is in the switch design. When moving to the OFF position the switch slides right past the turn signals leaving them disconnected. Try moving the 4 way switch slightly towards the ON position to reconnect the turns.


If the wipers work then it's not the fuse affecting the washer motor. Check the plug to the washer bottle where the motor is.  

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Have not replaced the clutch recently. 


There is a little leeway but when my foot is not on the pedal at all it is almost "bucking". It studders if I give it a lot of gas and I can tell it's not at full power (when foot is completely off). It seems to be non existent for the first 10 minutes and then slowly creeps back in.


DUN DUN DUN. I have highly excessive hydocarbons (via failing DEQ) to boot! 


Uh oh. Hoping I don't need a clutch and a catalytic converter.


Where to get cheap parts? Someone mentioned Discount Foreign Auto Parts maybe in Beaverton?

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