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No more brake lights


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well, i guess the contacts in my turn signal switch have finally had it, I cleaned them a couple of months ago and had both brake lights, went out tonight, and now I don't have any, all the other lights work...looks like im going back to the boneyard tomorrow to get some parts from a couple other 620's

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you should see teh contacts on my original switch, a lot worn and a little arcing going on, went out to PNP and grabed a switch out of 78 KC and 74 Shortbox, came home and went tweaker on them, I had give up hope after my last attempt when my dad said you only have on brake light, so i started moving the turn signal around to spread the dielectric grease around and bam, both started working. Im on my way to home depot now for some Stainless nuts to fix my exhaust leak

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