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Head gasket removal.


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What one of these are the one to go with the green white or yellow ? 








I already stabbed my cylinder number 2 two times with the junk scrapper i got from harbor freight so going to go for this type of thing now.

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Get something like this...




I just use a 20 year old paint scraper.




On the block a small brass wire wheel in an electric drill. Won't hurt the cast block. If you do use on the head have a care the aluminum is very soft.




You shouldn't need thinners if the gasket was installed properly. It should have been put on dry.

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First and foremost, block the chain tensioner from falling out before you unbolt the cam sprocket.




Keeps this part ....



from doing this...



Once out of place you have to take the front off the engine to correct.


I would disconnect the exhaust down pipe and lift the head away with the two manifold on it. Get help lifting it off. There's no need to remove them or... it's much easier with the head off the engine.


Loosening the head bolts? I just break them all loose 1/2 turn then unscrew and remove them. Putting them back on requires that they be done in a certain order and properly torqued in stages.


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sweet thanks man, itll proabably be better to ask you about this when ive actually got the engine in front of me so i can tinker with it as you tell me how to haha. ill be able to work on it this weekend so if you dont mind ill message you this weekend on how to do it and well go from there. 

cheers mate

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