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Head options for L28E


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For a 83' 280zx, flat top pistons. Has a N42 head available. Will it work and how well. Other head options that would be better are?

Now you listen; and you listen good...


Call me crazy, but the best recommendation I would make to you is that you find an L24 Crank and rods (>'72.[That leaves '73]). they have 9mm rod bolts and are stronger than 8mm rod bolts '72 1/2 and earlier). Yes, you take it all to a machine shop and have the L28E/F54 flat top pistons pressed off of the L28 rods. Then press the L24 pistons off of their 133mm long rods (rods = 9mm bolts because you have selected these) and then have the 86mm, L28E, F54 flat top pistons transfered to their new home atop the L24 ('73 L24, 9mm bolts) rods. Which are on an L24 crank...it works out to about 2.7L as I recall, but the important factor is that since the displacement/swept volume has been reduced it allows for closed-chambered heads and there arebut some nice choices  Less (cc) is more in this situation.


I've run the 10:1 c.r. F54 bottom end/N42 head situation. It's OK...but there are compromises and they are not surprising...the open-chamber N42 head is not optimal with flat-top pistons re quench/lack thereof & detonation issues.


Better to concede a little displacement using a shorter stroke crank but maintain the 86mm bore for breathing at the valve/cyl bore region rather than try to relieve the crowding of the exhaust valves/bore top situation.


Girlfriend is on to me...gotta go.



You do this to de-stroke your F54 L28E, thus making it a versatile base for a variety of excellent small cc heads which are closed-chamber and an excellent combination for any flat-top piston interface. 

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