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Compatible tranmission or gearboxes for L16 engine

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Hi guys.

i got a datsun p510 4door converted to 2door for straight line races purposes sedan.

i recently finished the entire bodywork on it.

when i started the question everyone asked was wat engine i was going to use i have had alot of ideas

but since the bodywork actually busted my budget and i will have to collect cash before i can swap the engine out

so for now i have kept the orginal single downdraught carb L16 engine.

now comes the issue the orginal gearbox in the car was or is a colum shift 3speed tranny..

my friends say i can use a transmission off any nissan engine as long as i can match the bell housing the input shaft and plus change the bearings.

id try it.but money is alittle tight now.so i need to be sure before i try something..

any kind of info is welcomed..

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F4W63 is the other stock gearbox offered in the 510. It has a floor mount shift.


The FS5W63A from the S10 is a 5 speed that fits with a few simple mods.


The FS5W71B from the 280z and zx and also the 620 truck is very strong but longer and your driveshaft will need to be shortened.


Here's an article that I wrote for the Dime Quarterly on identifying transmissions for use in the 510. Give it a read....http://nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=115

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You can also use the FS5W71C from the 240sx, but you have to use an earlier bellhousing (I used a 4spd 620 bellhousing) and machine the inside a little, and swap out the two bearings in the bellhousing.




This also takes a little modification to the trans tunnel, shorter drive shaft, and new crossmember.


That being said, for now, I have the 280zx FS5W71B 5spd in the car. 


In short:

If your converting from Automatic, and you use the 280zx trans, you will need a trans, shortened driveshaft, different trans crossmemeber (http://www.ebay.com/itm/VG30-5-Speed-Transmission-Crossmember-for-Datsun-510-/171090450682?pt=Race_Car_Parts&hash=item27d5c918fa&vxp=mtr), 280zx rubber trans mount, cut a new hole in trans tunnel and a little massaging of the trans tunnel to fit, clutch/flywheel, clutch pedal, clutch pedal return spring (above clutch pedal), rubber pedal stop bushing, clutch master cylinder, steel line from clutch m.c. to trans. There should be the metal tab on your frame that the rubber clutch line and steel line mates to, but you will be missing the metal sleeve that goes over the metal tab to lock the two lines in place. The column shift just on bolts with no problems, but if you want your column to look like a floor shift car, you will need to find a replacement top half column cover.  There is a four wire plug that runs from your firewall to your auto trans, you will need to jumper two of those wires to get the car to start. There are other relays and switches you will be able to remove from your engine bay, but not necessary to mobile again.  You will also have to re-wire the reverse lights. This link kind of shows some of the electircal things.




I'm not sure if any of that is what you wanted to know, but it's good reminder that any trans swap is a little more complicated than what some people will make it sound like.

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klassic motion it seems like you have just answered al my questions in one paragraph mate...

the orginal tranny on my datto is manual so i do not think there will be relay that will need to be jumped i guess..

as for the colum cover i had two 510's one was missing a chasis number so my bro n me used it for spare parts it had the colum cover mentioned..

i looked for the trannys mentioned by datzenmike but the only problem is where i come from the most common datsun that was sold here back in the day was the 1200 ute n the 120y sedan parts for them are easy but the 510 240z is a pain in the fanny to find..bt the fs5w71c will be easier to find...i know just the wrecking yard to rob lol..thank you again guys for your help further info is still welcomed though lol..

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