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Rear tail light panels.


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Well as you all know, everyone likes rear tail light panels on a dime.

and if you don't that's cool too. lol.


but I was wondering if there are specifics and just some basic info the forum could have?

I know there's the jdm tail light garnish and a gl? rear panel as well?

I looked on here and didn't find much as well as a bit on google.


But i was curious if all panels fit on all years or what not?

68's have unique lights for one so things could be different??


I saw this on instagram and wondered what it was.

It's pretty damn badass if you ask me.



Overall, just basic info on these tail lights and pics would be helpful.


To start, here's the jdm tail light garnish to my knowledge.



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Upper pic looks to be a stock 69-73 tail light panel with the center section painted black.


Lower pic is of the Bluebird Coupe SSS tail lights with the sequential turn signal bulbs.


The JDM sedans had several variations of tail lights but only the Bluebird Coupe SSS got the ones above. Sets of these sell for $700 - $2500 depending on the condition. From used to NOS.


Several sets of them are on ebay now and from time to time.

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Haha yeah, none of the pictures you posted are actually what youre looking for. The word you want to use is taillight garnish. The top picture is just paint, the bottom are Coupe taillights which are just taillights that stretch across the entire rear end. 



There are four versions of taillight garnishes... two for stock taillights and two for the plastic taillight trim. 



1. 1968 had smaller taillights so the garnish is longer than the others. Only fits 68 stock taillights. 




2. 1969-73 had a slightly larger set of taillights than 1968, but were consistent through the later years. Only fits 69-73 (technically you could install it on a 68 but youd have a large gap on either end and it would look horrendously stupid). There seems to no variation in the stamping, but a few variations in the factory paint schemes. No one seems to know additional details. 




3. GL taillights. This garnish only works with these taillights... nothing else




4. Deluxe tail lights. Only works with these taillights. 



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Looking at my car, I see exactly what that guy painted.

I think it's a pretty awesome idea although it's kind of just trying to replicate having a rear garnish.

But either way, creative and respectable.

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Plasti-dip is becoming fairly popular these days for small projects like that.

I'll be sure to get the real paint if I do.


Is there any plasti-dip with gloss?


I always see pictures and when I went to homedepot a few days back, they were all matte.

The guy said he wasn't sure if they had anything glossy.

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