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My 280z... Is unhappy.


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A couple of months ago I momentarily lost my mind and decided that I ABSOLUTELY RIGHT NOW had to have an S30. I browsed craigslist for a couple of days, then started going around looking at cheap S30s, knowing that I'd probably be putting a fair amount of work in before it would be DDable. I settled on a '76 that had a 5 speed (and a spare 4 speed) and a spare engine, along with varied bins of other parts. When I purchased the car I was made aware of a rich condition that had fouled the plugs (the previous owner suspected the AFM), and the fact that a differential mount of some kind wasn't "good" anymore.



(Pictured: Minutes after I got home a friend decided he wanted to sit in the driver's seat.)


Once I got it home, I cleaned all the electrical contacts and checked all of the fuel injection system components according to the FSM (and determined that the AFM, coolant temp sensor, and a couple of injectors were bad). On a full check of the various other systems I suspected were bad, I discovered that the master brake cylinder was in dire need of work, and the brake booster was just completely done. Over the past 2 months I've repaired numerous varied "little" problems, as well as those listed above, and upon going to do the valve timing before taking it for a test drive, i discovered that my camshaft is damaged.


It has two spots of serious cancer-rust that I've found so far, both in the passenger floor pan, and both still small, as well as lots of little bits of surface rust. I'm hoping i can get it all dealt with before any of it spreads too far.


I know I'll get a bunch of "search the forums" and other such suggestions (such is the way of the internet), but does anyone have any suggestions of any other problems I should look out for during my testing of the car, specific noises to listen for, things like that?

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Seems like your on the right track so far. After doing what you have done or plan to do I would go more in dept into the EFI system. Google referbing the AFM and honestly I would test every other sensor and replace any not on par. Other then that and making sure the car is mechanically/structurally sound just drive and enjoy. 

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