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dual weber 40dcoe jetting questions


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Whats up ratsuns.

Dual 40dcoe 151 .spitting n coughing .at cruising speed.goes away under hard acceleration. Current idle jet size is 45 .main jet 115.fuel/air screw out 3 turns.n speed screw in 1/2 turn. Need sum info help.thanx

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Idle jets do more than just idle. That's what the air/fuel mixture screws are for. Idle jet are from idle to about 2200 to 2500 rpm, light to moderate throttle. The sputtering, and the air/ fuels being out so far tells me they need to be bigger. It cant hurt to try a bigger set. Then with it at idle, turn the air/ fuels in, one at a time, until the rpms start to drop. then out slowly till it comes back. They are like a faucet. In is lean, out is fat. you want the highest leanest idle setting. Good luck  

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