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Datsun Carburetor Identefication without numbers

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I have a carburetor that was on my datsun 521 that i can not identify. the engine is an l16 but was told the carb is off an l18 or l20. all the parts stores can not find me the right rebuild kit without knowing which carb it actually is. i've narrowed it down to a dch340  but all kit books have almost 3 pages 340 variations. there are no numbers on the carb anywhere that would identify it. any help is much appreciated. thanks.

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Most of the gaskets are the same and just keep your jets, emulsion tubes and bleeds...they don't wear out anyway. The fuel inlet needle valves are the same. 90% of a rebuilds effectiveness is cleaning it and setting the adjustments anyway.


Post a picture of your carb. Maybe it can be narrowed down. A 521 carb is cable operated and cars are linkage so that eliminates a lot of them right there.

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thanks datzenmike for the info. i'll try and get some pics up tomorrow. been kinda busy. i'll also put up some pics of the truck as a whole. picked it up for 500 bucks with very little rust but someone prior to myself to some customization of there own which involved me pulling out about 100 feet of wire and and some other random stuff.

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